Myrmidya is a fantasy world, full of living magic, blood-thirsty tyrants, and arcane fiends from every dimension of reality.  Many years ago, I started writing stories and adventures in this fantasyscape.

Nothing is forgotten. . . magic will have its way.

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Ke'argis is summoned to a birth in the village of Sedryn, and he is ill prepared for the event. Born with magic in his blood, the babe becomes the focal point for ancient and terrible forces beyond the knowledge or ability of Ke'argis. 

His protective wards cannot hold back the flood of magic rushing to claim the baby's mind and body.  In a desperate final act, Ke'argis saves the child and flees into the mountains. 

* Suitable for all age groups

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Dark legends clash and carve out the future of the world.

Myrmidya is in turmoil.

Two ancient, disturbingly powerful, artifacts are loose. One is the embodiment of destruction, the living soul of a long dead god; the other is a shard of light, capable of destroying anything forged in darkness. The two relics are evenly matched, relying on the power of the wielder to determine the outcome.

* May contain some mature content

Check out Amazon for Kindle and paperback versions

Visit Smashwords for a variety of digital formats.

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