Here is my collection of essays and non-fiction pieces in digital format.  Everything here is free to read--no strings attached!


The Story of Woonsocket - local history articles about my hometown in northern Rhode Island.
   - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

Legacy of an English Bible - a history of English translation and interpretation of the Bible, including the men involved in translations and the price they paid

Thundering Hammer of Thor - the famous thunder god and his mighty weapon!

Gungnir, the Spear of Odin - many gods have weapons and the Norse father, Odin, wielded a mighty spear enchanted with magic runes

The Curse of Consciousness - a philosophical essay about the nature of perception, consciousness, and why some of us are haunted by it.

Three Principles of Game-Mastering Mastery - article about running role-playing games; if you're a game-master, this should be a must-read.

Spring the Trap - research article about the Venus Fly Trap


Ramblesense - an auto-biographical summary of my adult life
Between Storms - a story about my enjoyment of rain storms
Homer - baseball has its own stories of adventure and embarrassment
What Am I Worth - a reflective piece about my own self-image
Letter of Life - another reflective piece about personality and change
Letter of Life II - a follow-up to the above article


Choice & Tragedy - an essay on abortion
Crude Treatment - an essay on oil profits and those who control it
Editors in Black - an essay on judicial corruption
Life Theory - metaphysical essay on the origins of life
Lying in the Streets - political essay about protests and rights
One Nation - political essay regarding the folly of international diplomacy
Patriotism - a pseudo-fictional essay about what patriotism means
Political Pendulum - essay regarding the insanity of left-right politics
Publius Hath Erred - essay on political history and modern results
Solipsism - philosophical essay about the nature of perception
Void - philosophical essay on the meaninglessness of life

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