Check out the self-published books, novellas, and short stories below.  If something interests you, click the title to visit the official page for more details, media, and links to read samples or pick up the full version.

A compilation of my published works (PDF) is available at a discount here

Published Stories

FIVE DARK ENDS: tales of grisly demise at the end of days

ZOMBIFIED: classic flesh-eating horror mingled with inappropriate humor

MYRMIDYA: a world of high fantasy, living magic, and cataclysmic events

PAINTED: macabre terror takes hold when art consumes life

FANGED: a re-imagining of the vampires and those who battle them

LAST NEXT TIME: reincarnation and alien invaders equal a bad day

RAMBLESENSE: a collection of biographical anecdotes and other tales

TOUCHING LIFE: array of poems touching on a variety of themes

Free Tales for Mature Readers

The Hunt - face the fear in this thrilling tale of hunter and hunted
Sounds of Thunder - there is a place called Vietnam that is also hell
Wake - a dark tale set in the aftermath of a Viking raid
Steam - a tense tale set in the time of the underground railroad
Firehair - a fantasy tale about people defending their homeland

Free Stories for Any Age

A Strange Guest - a fantasy short complete with a reading quiz
Crushed Pepper - high-school antics can sometimes be dangerous indeed
Ghost Keep - young adult mystery tale complete with reading quiz
Laugh and Pop - a superhero story intended for early readers
Lost Laundry - a story for children about a little creature in the basement
Magic Bones - a children's tale about enchanted archaeological artifacts
Siege of Lilly Vale - an adventure tale set in a dark fantasy landscape
The Elf King - a fantasy tale intended for young children