Friday, August 8, 2014

A Trinity of Ridiculous Ideas: Dice, God, and the Apocalypse

For those unfortunate souls following along, I've added some new content and thought it'd be nice to share the madness.  Aren't I considerate?  Damn straight, I am.

Thanks for looking, friends! 

I love role-playing games and my site, The Die Ch'i, is all about RPGs and the true way to play. If you're into dice, take a look at a recent article discussing why most RPG systems suck: the rule-books. Chime in and let me know what you think! There are some new resources in the Library, as well, and much more coming down the pipe.

If you enjoy controversy, stop by The Socratic Ape and find out why faith in God is delusional, so says this latest piece.  Sometimes, tidbits of madness escape and I record some of them on the Ramblings page.  Any thoughtful remarks are welcome; discussion is important to philosophical inquiry.

The World is Fooked (both a statement and a website) is rife with grating opinions, news commentary, and a cynical view of the world.  Right now, there are several ways an Apocalypse might begin--here are three possibilities pulled from world headlines.  While you're there, educate yourself about the dark secret of shenanigans.

Thanks for reading.

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