Monday, August 18, 2014

Using Dice to Birth or Kill a Mechanical Brain While Living in a City

Well that title doesn't make any damn sense at all, does it?  No, it's not as cool as it sounds.

Here's a bunch of new stuff for folks to check out:

The Story of Woonsocket - the third installment of articles telling a narrative history of Woonsocket, a small city in Northern Rhode Island that has it's roots in the early Industrial Revolution.  If you want to check out the whole thing, here's a link to Part 1 and Part 2.

Machine in the Skull - a philosophical essay that asks questions about the nature of human consciousness, the mind, and whether it's all just a function of the mechanical brain.

Birth and Death - is there any point to life?  Does birth or death have any meaning in and of themselves?  Stop by and explore these profound questions and more.

Re-thinking RPG Systems - if you're a gamer, particularly in the tabletop arena, stop by the Die Ch'i and check out some articles about gaming and how to elevate your gaming prowess.

Attention: Writers!

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